Understanding Max-Talk

So yeah, If you don’t know a word I say, the defs are here.

Please note, all of these words weren’t invented by me, some are used now a days and some are from older time periods, like “threads” “sounds” “slurg” and “sluff” and some other stuff are from the 1950’s. (The 1950’s are keen, they’re righteous, outta sight!)

Monudrenaline- that rush you get when your about to change everything and do something monumental

OTEOSM- On The Edge Of Something Monumental

P.S.R.- Pretty Sweet Right?

slurg- milkshake

def- shortened form of definition

sluff- to cut classes

sweet- sick, cool, rad, awesome, far out, unreal

threads- clothes

sounds- music

dip stick- a male idiot

ditz- a female idiot

keen/righteous/outta sight/bad/boss/choice/fab/keen-o/far out- cool

like crazy- better than cool

jazzed- excited

SOURCES- http://www.flashcardmachine.com/1950s-slang-terms.html



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