First Days

First Days- Wednesday the 5th of September was my first day of high school. And contrary to my beliefs, I have at least one person I can talk to in every class, except photography and lunch.

So on that first day which was a half a day, I was surrounded by popular girls and guys who were jerks and female dogs. Most of then any way, and a freshman-hating junior who was the only non-freshman in the class.

And in lunch on that first day, I had no where to sit. The popular girls wanted me to sit with them. I didn’t want to. I walked to a random table of sophomores and juniors and asked, “Can I sit here?” They said sure and so I sat, bored as anything. 5 pages into my planner drawn on and scribbled yo death, lunch was over, and I went to the rest of my classes.

The next day photography was a bore again, and lunch was as catty as ever. They had the nerve to ask me to sit with them-about a million times. I refused. I’d rather not sit there and be popular and get my back stabbed. I ripped up my popularity ticket, something I could never imagine doing before. But hey, at least I’m not one of those girls.

Max aka Anna


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