Rivals & Reinventions

Rivals- Today is Monday, so the ever-so-glorious tennis practice makes a reappearance. And during these 3 long, grueling hours, me, and two of my teammates (we’ll call them Mary and Mona) have found rivals (we’ll call them Hannah, Cara, Kelsey, and Sabrina) Anyway, the rivals were ultra rude, clique-y, and very cliche in the way they acted and responded to things. They did things like: didn’t clean up the balls, chit chatted 24/7, complained about everything, accused us of everything, etc. It got very annoying, obviously. But since you don’t want to hear your average teen’s complaints, let’s move on.

Reinventions- By this I don’t mean reinventing the iPad. I mean reinventing something like your style, yourself, or your room, all 3 of which I am working on now. Let’s talk about the first, reinventing your style. Pretty simple, as all you have to do is choose a style and go on from there. The second, reinventing yourself, is a little harder, because you have to break your old habits, and change up the mold you’ve been drying in for years. But do-able and fun nonetheless. The last, reinventing your room, us also considerably easy. You just have to find what you like and go with it, and that’s exactly what I plan, and am, doing. Maybe you guys can give one, two, or even all three a shot. I’ll keep you guys posted.



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