That feeling you get… and the connotation of luck

So we all know what I’m talking about here. That feeling you get when you get the notification-someone new is following you. You get so, so happy.

And I’d like to thank you guys because everytime I get a notification, it makes my day.

In other news, the connotation of luck. It’s different for all of us. Like the glass half empty or half full. When you see or hear the word luck, you might think “Oh, things must have gone their way.” Or, you might think as I do, “They must be feeling really unfortunate right now.” Because the word luck can mean good luck to some people, while to others it can mean bad luck. So the question is, what is luck to you?

My inspiration for the connotation of luck? Yesterday’s events; shattering a plate, almost knocking over a shelf with glass vases on it, cutting myself at tennis practice, etc. So yeah, I’m kinda a klutz.



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