Welcome to Something Monumental!

Glad you reading. Anyway, I’m Max, and this is my blog. P.S.R. I’m a girl, Max is short for Maximiliana, which is a feminine form of Maximilianus, which is a Roman form of Maximilian, which is derived from the name Maximus. But that’s the long way. Maximiliama is also a direct feminine form of Maximus. Which means “greatest” So, I’m the greatest. Pretty sweet right? And if you wondering where I got all this info on my name, it’s from behindthename.com, my ultimate turn-to for name research. 

Anyway, hope you like this blog! 




P.S.R. OTEOSM is On The Edge Of Something Monumental, pretty sweet right? And P.S.R. is my version of P.S. it stands for Pretty Sweet Thing. I’m not even gonna say what you know I’ll say.


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