Hi so sorry again, and Halloween Part II

I haven’t updated in a month and a day exactly. I’m really sorry but I had so much to deal with in school. I promise I’ll tell you all about my adventures and such. It may take a while to get ’em all out, so be prepared. 

Also, Halloween is just around the corner! I’ll be making a blog for Halloween and fall so if you want to check it out, then be my guest! 


-Max who’s thinking of going by Nova now.

P.S.R. Watched the season premiere of the Walking Dead. Zack and Patrick!

Fright Fest

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while. So much school work!

Anyway, tomorrow, Saturday, September 14th 2013, I am going to the Six Flags Fright Fest! Check it peeps! Isn’t it choice!?!?!

My friend’s birthday party is being held there, and I was invited only 2 or 3 days ago. So, naturally, upon RSVPing, I just had to Google it!

So I find the site, find the page, and my gods! IMMA DIE ASDFJK! so much stuff to do, and the rides are still open! So having only been to Six flags once, I must go on le rides!
So, if anyone else happens to be going to the Six Flags Great Adventure fright fest in Jackson, NJ, then let me know! I might see you there!

Max aka Anna

First Days

First Days- Wednesday the 5th of September was my first day of high school. And contrary to my beliefs, I have at least one person I can talk to in every class, except photography and lunch.

So on that first day which was a half a day, I was surrounded by popular girls and guys who were jerks and female dogs. Most of then any way, and a freshman-hating junior who was the only non-freshman in the class.

And in lunch on that first day, I had no where to sit. The popular girls wanted me to sit with them. I didn’t want to. I walked to a random table of sophomores and juniors and asked, “Can I sit here?” They said sure and so I sat, bored as anything. 5 pages into my planner drawn on and scribbled yo death, lunch was over, and I went to the rest of my classes.

The next day photography was a bore again, and lunch was as catty as ever. They had the nerve to ask me to sit with them-about a million times. I refused. I’d rather not sit there and be popular and get my back stabbed. I ripped up my popularity ticket, something I could never imagine doing before. But hey, at least I’m not one of those girls.

Max aka Anna

My Hair and Back to School

My hair- is hot pink (well, at least the tips and a streak of my bangs are) but I love it. Just felt like sharing that.

Back to school- on Wednesday. THIS Wednesday. I seriously dont want to go. But what 14-year-old does? (Yes, I am 14. 98 in dog years. Can you tell? (I mean me being 14. Not the dog years part…)) At least my friends are in my classes, oh wait. They’re not. -_- My life.

Max aka Anna

P.S.R. I factory wiped my phone and started over. Pretty sweet right? It’s refreshing!

My Second Attempt At Pastels


Well, this is my second attempt at pastels.

The yellow balloons a little off.

It’s much better than my first.


P.S.R. What if my artist and pen name is Anna?

P.S.R.R. Yep, it’s Anna now.

Rivals & Reinventions

Rivals- Today is Monday, so the ever-so-glorious tennis practice makes a reappearance. And during these 3 long, grueling hours, me, and two of my teammates (we’ll call them Mary and Mona) have found rivals (we’ll call them Hannah, Cara, Kelsey, and Sabrina) Anyway, the rivals were ultra rude, clique-y, and very cliche in the way they acted and responded to things. They did things like: didn’t clean up the balls, chit chatted 24/7, complained about everything, accused us of everything, etc. It got very annoying, obviously. But since you don’t want to hear your average teen’s complaints, let’s move on.

Reinventions- By this I don’t mean reinventing the iPad. I mean reinventing something like your style, yourself, or your room, all 3 of which I am working on now. Let’s talk about the first, reinventing your style. Pretty simple, as all you have to do is choose a style and go on from there. The second, reinventing yourself, is a little harder, because you have to break your old habits, and change up the mold you’ve been drying in for years. But do-able and fun nonetheless. The last, reinventing your room, us also considerably easy. You just have to find what you like and go with it, and that’s exactly what I plan, and am, doing. Maybe you guys can give one, two, or even all three a shot. I’ll keep you guys posted.


That feeling you get… and the connotation of luck

So we all know what I’m talking about here. That feeling you get when you get the notification-someone new is following you. You get so, so happy.

And I’d like to thank you guys because everytime I get a notification, it makes my day.

In other news, the connotation of luck. It’s different for all of us. Like the glass half empty or half full. When you see or hear the word luck, you might think “Oh, things must have gone their way.” Or, you might think as I do, “They must be feeling really unfortunate right now.” Because the word luck can mean good luck to some people, while to others it can mean bad luck. So the question is, what is luck to you?

My inspiration for the connotation of luck? Yesterday’s events; shattering a plate, almost knocking over a shelf with glass vases on it, cutting myself at tennis practice, etc. So yeah, I’m kinda a klutz.


Hello, sorry, but Tennis practices suck

As you can see from the ever-so-awesome title of this post, Hello! It’s me Max, and I’m back with this post! Sorry, it’s taken a day or 2 but everything is so discombobulated. The most annoying thing on my mind is the aforementioned Tennis practice, which, frankly, sucks. I mean, I enjoy the sport and all, but god, so much! I have to ride my bike there and back for one, and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to do so, but still, gah. Once everyone has arrived we do some exercises, stretches so we don’t get cramps. Then, it’s 3 hours of hitting the ball, and running, and hitting the ball even more, and, did I mention, this is from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM? Yeah, so, finally, it’s the end. But we’re not done. No, we have to do something we call “ABS” everyday, because, we have practice everyday, except for Sunday. ABS consists of 25 crunches, 25 crunches with your legs up, 25 right-side crunches, and 25-left side crunches. Oh, and then double that because we do 2 sets.


I mean, I know I’ll get used to it after a while, but this is not choice! This isn’t normal for me! I am so out of shape, and it’s not even that I’m overweight, or have medical problems, I mean, I’m 98 lbs and perfectly healthy! 


Sorry guys, this is just a rant.